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    License reset failed


      I am getting the dreaded E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER for some of my ebooks after a change of operating system (from Windows XP to Windows 8). I believe this is because I went from anonymous activation to named activation. The vendor for all the ebooks is Kobo. We did all the following:


      1. I reauthorized ADE on my computer

      2. Kobo performed an Adobe GB license reset

      3. I deleted all ebooks and re-downloaded them onto my computer

      4. I deleted ADE 4.0.3, installed ADE 2.0.1, reauthorized ADE on my computer, as well as resynchronized my ebooks once again

      5. Kobo deleted the affected books off my Kobo account (and added them back after I confirmed they were gone)

      6. Kobo performed another license reset

      7. I downloaded a new copy of the affected ebooks

      8. I removed Adobe’s local registry data manually and reinstalled ADE 2.0.1


      This worked for some ebooks but not all. Even after all that work I still get the error above for some of my books. They were all authorized using some version of ADE on the same PC. I do not have any ebook reading device other than my PC and have never attempted to read them on another PC. So what can Kobo or I do to successfully re-authorize *all* eBooks?

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          Dominic Michael Adobe Employee

          Follow the instruction in the post, Adobe Digital Editions – Anonymous Activation if you are moving from Anonymous account to an name account.

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            olefevre Level 1

            Thanks. The key instruction in the referenced blog post is: "You can achieve it, by creating a new Adobe ID and activate ADE again directly without de-authorizing the existing anonymous account. The catch here is, it should be a fresh Adobe ID which is not activated on any other device or computer." There are two problems with this:

            1) I already migrated (to a different OS, with a hard drive reformatting in between) and I may already -- unknowingly -- have de-authorized the existing anonymous account

            2) you can apparently associate only one ID with a given device and I have only this one PC and it already has an ID associated with it

            Should I de-authorize the PC, create a brand new Adobe ID and activate ADE again with it?


            More fundamentally, the instructions in the blog are for trying to solve the problem by yourself. In my case the vendor cooperated by resetting the license on all my books, with mixed results as I already explained. Isn't it arguably a bug n Adobe DRM that this didn't work for all books?