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    How to set a frame to specific length ("How-To")


      Another "how-to" question.


      How can a set a clip within a video to a specific length?


      What I need to do is to have 4 successive clips with text, each the same length (say 4 seconds).


      Using "Titles & Text" I select "Default Text" (General) and dragged this down to my timeline - 4 times.  Actually in Video 2 as this text is to overlay the main video - in this particular case a map of Washington state.  Each "Default Text" clip is to display the name of each volcano (fading the name in & out I got to work via the Right-Mouse-Button & Fade In Video & Fade Out Video - only snag is you cannot see which Fade options if any are active).


      I can change the length of each Text clip by dragging the cursor but this is rather hit-and-miss.  How can I set the length to an exact number of seconds (or frames)?



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          The titles from the Titles & Text Tab will take the Still Image Default Duration set in preferences (Edit Menu/Preference/General).


          If you want the 4 clips all with a 4 seconds duration...

          a. Select all 4 at the same time (hold down Shift and click each or draw rectangle around clips to select them)

          b. Right click anywhere in the selection, select Time Stretch from the menu that appears, and then set the duration to 4 seconds in the Time Stretch dialog.

          It should read 00;00;04;00 (hours;minutes;seconds;frames).


          Did that work for you?



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            HOTELECHOMIKE Level 1



            It worked fine when clicked each clip in turn & selected Time Stretch but when I selected all 4 Iit would not let me select & change the Duration in the Time Stretch popup.

            Time Stretch.jpg


            However, I achieved what I wanted



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply. Glad you achieved what you wanted. How did you do that if my customized reply did not work for you?


              What I described does work for the details that you provided.

              Change the duration of 4 clips dragged to the Timeline from Titles & Text so that the duration of each was 4 seconds instead of each having the same project default for still image duration. the project default.


              If what I wrote did not work for you, my impression would be that you did not say or did not realize that all 4 clips did not have the same duration to start with. That should not have been the case if you just dragged the 4 default text from Titles and Text to the Timeline. Each should have had the same default still image duration.



              What I described does work as described for what you described, that is, selection of all four clips, Time Stretch duration change

              I have Premiere Elements 13/13.1 on Windows 7 64 bit. The above attempts to recreate what you described as your situation.

              Note the selected text titles on Video Track 2 (each 5 seconds duration in my case), video clips underneath on Video Track 1, and Time Stretch duration set to 4 seconds in the Time Stretch dialog.


              Please review and consider.


              Thank you.



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                HOTELECHOMIKE Level 1

                Ok - the intention was that the 4 clips were to be the same length.  Trying to achieve this by cursor wasn't accurate enough.  Hence I did it by selecting each clip in turn.  Now that they are the length I wanted (2 seconds) selecting them all would work (have tried).


                Hence we are good to go on this one.  Many thanks.