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    Why is my single frame Image rendering out with a 4.02 G file size ?


      Hi, I brought in a single  STILL image ( not very complex) to have over 3 mins of audio.


      Render it out, it was 4.02 GIG ?!?!  I use AE all the time as this is very unusual, settings are 1920 by 1080 px, quicktime, H.264  25 FPS  ... so I do everything I can think of to check my settings.. Rendered it out without the 1 image and it was 61.6 MB so It was definitely something to do with the image itself.



      Audio was about 7.1 MB

      PS file was 2 MB in .psd and retained layer sizes. also 1920 by 1080


      I am completely bewildered by this.


      any thoughts?