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    Bug?  Handfull of CR2 Files left in Folder after Import as DNG


      This is a new "feature" that I didn't experience in LR5 or previous when importing my CR2 RAW files into DNG.  Now with LR6 CC, I occasionally find from 3 to 15 or so CR2 files in the folder along with the DNGs.  All the DNGs are there, but the CR2s are not always being removed after conversion.  Seems to happen about 60-70% of the time.  No error messages. I think this new 2-step import/conversion is not working completely right.


      System Info:

      Windows 8.1 x64

      All Lightroom Library folders/images are located on a server drive array with hardware RAID5.

      Imports/DNG Conversions are typically sets of around 4GB (200 or so images) of RAW files from Canon 5dMKIII