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    Having issues with shape tweening in cs6


      Currently trying to shape tween using psd layers but nothing seems to happen. I've tried the same method using drawn shapes with the flash tools (square shape tweening into a circle etc) and it works fine. So what i did both times was

      1. Import psd into flash then press F8 and turn it into a movie clip,
      2. Double click the image to open up its own timeline (symbol).
      3. Go to modify and click "break apart". 4, Go to timeline and add "insert frames" then add a key frame or a black key frame at the end. 5, Pull image/psd layer from the library then break the image in that key frame apart.
      4. Then click midway through the frames and click create shape tween.

      All it does is run like a normal and then suddenly switches to the end keyframe without any shape tweening effect.

      Additional information - using flash cs6

      Anyway, any help or direction on this would be a great help. Sorry if this sounds confusing! I'm still learning how to use this software.

      Heres a .fla upload with my attempt http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=00520322655672423744