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    Clarification re: allowScriptAccess sameDomain

      I have an html file that resides on x.dev.mydomain.com. This loads a swf at y.dev.mydomain.com.

      The swf attempts to use ExternalInterface.call to call a javascript function on the html template.

      The html uses the following <param name="allowScriptAccess" value="sameDomain" />
      but I receive the following error message.

      Security sandbox violation:
      ExternalInterface caller
      cannot access http://x.dev.advance.net/my.html.

      When the html is modified to use the following,
      the ExternalInterface call works.

      Can anyone confirm that this is expected behaviour, this appears to be more restrictive
      than I would have imagined. Also, what is the downside to using the 'always' attribute?