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    Oh, I just LOVE this one!

    Dave LaRonde Level 7


      Sometimes you just have to giggle at the corporate mindset, y’know? 


      The following was recently posted on this web site by the good Mr. Kevin Monahan, doubtlessly a fine gent:

      “By default, when you install a CC 2015 version of an application using the Creative Cloud desktop utility, previous versions of that application will be uninstalled, leaving only the most recent version. If you want to retain these previous versions, then you need to deselect the Remove Old Versions option in the Advanced Options section of the updater interface. See this page for details and a screenshot of the relevant interface item. See this blog post for details” (blah, blah, blah)


      The blog post by Mr. Todd Kopriva, another fine gent, goes into detail on how to keep the old applications (you un-check a check box), and the reasons why you might want to keep them.


      From this message, I infer that Adobe might have gotten a couple-three complaints that the new install automatically aces out the previous versions.  Perhaps more than a couple-three.  Perhaps a boatload.  Who knows.


      You see Adobe’s response to the complaints above in italics.  But you have to wonder: if it’s such a big deal to prompt an “Important Announcement” at the top of the forum page and a post by Mr. After Effects Himself – who presumably has far more valuable things to do with his time -- why did they have to jump through hoops to do it?


      Adobe has the installer software.  Why didn’t they just un-check that check box themselves?  How long would it have taken to make the change, five minutes?  Nope, let’s do it the hard way instead!  You have to laugh.




      Now, the Adobe folks are plenty smart.  They’re well aware of the path of least resistance – the un-checked check box – to end this particular crop of complaints.  So why not take that path? 


      My guess is that they were told NOT to take it.  So I’m having myself a good laugh at that person, the one who thinks like a corporate robot, a federal bureaucrat or an army supply sergeant.


      And if THAT person doesn’t think like the just-mentioned entities, then I’m worried………