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    I've been using Lightroom 5.7.1 CC, but have now updated to LR6 CC. Now, LR 5.7.1 is still in my program files - can I delete the files and folders for LR 5.7.1?


      I am using Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) photography bundle, but I am pretty new to it.

      I was browsing my Program Files trying to figure out where to upload LR presets and PS actions, brushes, and textures, and noticed that LR 5.7.1 is still in my Program Files, sitting right under the newly updated version of LR 6 and the new updated Photoshop Program files. Can I delete the program files and folders for LR 5.7.1?

      I had a really hard time with this update - with LR finding my catalog once LR6 update was complete - so I am very wary of deleting anything. I am afraid that if I delete the LR 5.7.1 program files, that it will break my catalog link? and I am also not understanding WHY the update didn't get rid of these old files, they are  gigantic 1.38 GIG file size in total, and the new LR 6 is ALSO 1.38 GIGS!!!! that is a huge chunk of my memory space taken up with just one program, and then Photoshop is 1.06 GIG, which is also HUGE....

      That was actually one of the draws of using the "Creative CLOUD" - I thought since it was a cloud based program, it would use up much of my tiny computer storage space?

      p.s. any links to info/tutorials/articles on finding WHERE my LR preset folder lives, and my PS Actions, brushes, and texture folders as well - would be greatly appreciated.