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    Lightroom 5.71 watermarks not showing in Explorer thumbnails (just started happening recently)


      I can't find any solution or explanation for this: I recently re-installed Lightroom 5.x on my 2 computers with brand new Windows 8.1 operating systems with all MS updates.  Now on both computers, whenever I export files with a watermark, the watermark is not visible in the Windows Explorer thumbnail - you can't tell it's watermarked until you open the file.  If you simply open and re-save the image in another program like MS Paint, the thumbnail displays fine.  It seems like Lightroom is suddenly saving the watermark as a layer or some EXIF data or something, instead of as the actual image (I didn't even think regular JPG's outside of PhotoShop PSD files could have layers so I don't understand how this is even possible!).

      What's baffling is it only started happening after reinstalling Lightroom, but all my settings and other software on both computers are the same as they were before!  The only thing I can think of is maybe this bug was introduced from some upgrade like between Lightroom 5.6 and 5.71 between the times I reinstalled on both computers?


      Google shows similar issues all the way back to versions of Lightroom 3 or 4. 


      Please don't explain away the problem as "nothing you can do about it"... I KNOW it was not an issue until recently... So what changed!???