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    how to convert bytearray to video


      I want to convert a ByteArray wich contains a .flv file read through a socket connection to a video playable object and play it, or attach it somehow to the netstrem as its source.

      Why this ? I´m trying to write an app using AS 3.0 that connects two swf clients to each other directly without a server (after they know of each other) and allow them to exchange video sequences.

      So the reverse way video -> bytearray -> network -> reciever ->video would be of interest aswell.

      I would appreciate any suggestions that somehow brings me closer to this.

      Regards, Immanuel
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          jonnybennett Level 1
          Hi, sorry I haven't got a response to your thread however I am interested in some of what you have written, I was wandering if you know if it is going to be possible with AS3 to create a video webchat aplication without the use of media server, or is the media server still needed? thanks J
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            Imannuel Level 1

            since two swf files on different machines can communicate with each other without a server after you have introduced them to each other by telling every one of them whats the ip of the other one by passing it (the ip) to the swf and the swf adds it to its list of allowed domains it´s possible for 2 swfs furtheron to exchange data without a server.

            Now for me it´s for media collaboration and I basically need to know :
            how to convert the buffered netstream data to a bytearray and

            how to read the bytearraydata into a netstrem object vice versa

            or if therre is any other way for two swf files to share the data of a netstrem directly (without a server)

            I really need help with this and any suggestion would make me happy.

            Thanks, Immanuel
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              Imannuel Level 1
              No ideas about this ? Please help me !
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                Imannuel Level 1
                Hi to all out there,

                since it has been over half a year now (ages in computer time: -)) I would like to rise my question again:

                Is it possible to play video from a Byte[] ?

                Any Ideas towards this are very appreciated !

                Thnx, Immanuel
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                  k-hexa Level 1


                  Did you find a solution to your problem? I searched and I don't found a way to play flv video from ByteArray?


                  Thank you