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    Which is better for Premier  Geforce 980 or Quadro K5100M?.


      What provides better performance for Premiere Geforce 980 or Quadro K5100M? And is there much of a performance difference between the two?

      I'm looking for what card will be me better rending times, playback in Premier and After Effects, and doing  4k edits and playback.


      Does anyone have any real world examples of how much faster performance in like rending times one would preform over the other?


      I heard Quadro does better but I thought Premier also supports Geforce as well and I know the two cards are similar so I'm wondering if the performance would really be that much different and if so by how much.



      Thank you soo much I've been looking for answers to this Question for a long time. The more feedback on this the better. Thank you all for your help! ! ! !

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You are throwing together a mobile vs. a desktop card, BTW. The K5200 is the equivalent to the GTX 980. With that out of the way, none of this quite likely has much practical relevance. Their technical basis is the same and whether you get any benefits out of faster and more VRAM and 300 MHz extra clock speed is an open question. If there are any performance differences, they come down to nanoseconds and you won't notice them, even more so since "rendering times" are influenced by a gigazillion other factors. You could spend a lot of money on a Quadro and still end up frustrated. In the end, the only real difference in Quadros is that they have optimized drivers that are specifically tailored to support certain commercial apps and usually have better connectivity and allow more control over some details, but ultimately my point sticks - it will be barely noticeable in case of Premiere. Such stuff tends to be much more relevant when you are juggling around CAD models or medical visualizations, meaning interactive performance and avoiding drawing glitches instead of just pure processing power...