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    CC2015: Inserting an id by shortcut in design view

    mistershortcut Level 1

      Let me describe a typical task, which has to be done manually by a web author:


      Add an id-value to a specific element e.g. to be able to address it via an fragment idendifier


      <p id="ipsum">...</p>




      I'm looking for way to do that via shortcut and not via GUI.


      The initial situation is:

      You are in the design view and the cursor is inside an element.


      I'm looking for a script/extension/whatever to get a little popupdialog after pressing a shortcut, which let's you immediately entering the value of the idea.


      Enter should insert the id attribute. That's it.


      In other words: a fast way to perform a regular task in as few steps as possible. Without moving the hands from the keyboard.


      Many years ago, for DW4, I had an extension for that purpose. It was a joy to use it.


      If this forum is not the right one to ask questions about scripts/extensions to modify/extend the behaviour of DW, please let me know.

      Is there another, better forum for such discussions?