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    CC library items gray box

    dean_pironi Level 1



      The CC libraries seem a great addition, until… basically I have just created artwork in a CC 2015 file, it has logos from my Libraries place. I saved the document as a CC 2015 document and an IDML for my printer.


      When the printer opens the file, all logos are gray boxes. I even opened the IDML file myself in Indesign CC 2014 and the same occurs.


      How on earth are you supposed to get the best out of this feature if you can notsupply to printers!!!!! totally useless if it will only work with CC 2015.


      Advice welcome, as I would love to initiate using the feature to all my colleagues, but this seems dangerous.



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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @Dean – to get a screen representation of a placed logo after opening the IDML, you have to provide the logo as linked graphic.

          What kind of graphic file type is it? AI (Adobe Illustrator) with PDF preview? EPS exported from InDesign? PDF exported from InDesign?



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            dean_pironi Level 1



            That's exactly the problem with the update.


            The file is an Illustrator CC 2014 logo, which I added to the libraries. I added all the various versions of the logo so my team can add logos to live jobs from the libraries pallete. I'm sure in CC 2014 the logo was then embedded in the Indesign document. But now its not, its in the cloud as a live object that can be updated.


            This now is useless as when I pass a job to a supplier or other agency not on CC 2015, it is just a gray box. Even CC 2014 displays a gray box!!


            I've now had to tell everyone in my team to ensure they right click to add the object so it's not linked to the libraries. This increases the chances of forgetting to do this by accident, and then sending a job off to print, or worse, supplying to agencies globally, which we do often, only to find they can't see the logos… this will make us look bad as we will then have to re-import all the logos and re-supply, very costly in terms of time and reputation.

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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hi Dean,

              why was the logo embedded?
              I thought the whole purpose is to keep it updateable?



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                dean_pironi Level 1



                Maybe that's my problem. I thought the libraries were so you have assets that are accessible and update when you update the original… but would embed when you send to a supplier.


                How can we use any asset in the libraries and be able to supply artwork? How do you even pass any artwork to a printer not on CC 2015?

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                  Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Maybe I do not understand your workflow…


                  Are your partners part of the cloud?
                  If not, you must not use CC Libraries. I think, that does nail it.



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                    Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    @Dean – I would not supply "open" InDesign files with assets to the printers.

                    Just PDFs exported from InDesign.



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                      dean_pironi Level 1

                      That is our preferred options when passing artwork to printers, but my big problem is sharing artwork with agencies in other countries like Thailand and China. We supply artwork to be translated locally, so we can't use libraries at all now, this messes everything up.


                      We can't have a workflow for local development and a different workflow for supplying globally. It's impossible to manage, so unfortunately libraries are only suitable for local design development that work with only suppliersthat use CC 2015. To me that seems very narrow minded.


                      I work on compslate in the evening at home, libraries seemed a good addition so that I can access assets normally on our work server, but if it is only workable with CC 2015 users, then that is just too restrictive for us as a business.


                      Think of all the global brandand advertising agencies that work with large and small support agencies, they will have this exact same problem.

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                        Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Ok. Then I would establish my own company cloud system with asset servers and a proper right management.



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                          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Dean said:

                          To me that seems very narrow minded.


                          No. It's a closed eco-system.

                          Either you and your business partners are part of it, or not.


                          For translation services where the partners have to have access to the original AI files, you could link the files and package the whole thing up.

                          And another advice: Make sure your partners use the same versions of InDesign and Illustrator like you do. Working with "down saving" by exporting or packaging to IDML is no good solution. IDML is not perfect. You have to find the lowest common denominator software-wise (maybe InDesign and Illustrator CS6?). Either that or enable your partners with Adobe CC in a workgroup environment.



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                            dave c courtemanche Level 3

                            If you're working with global partners, I would suggest a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. I use Xinet and like it, but there are others.

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                              dean_pironi Level 1

                              Thanks for all comments, it's clear that libraries isa good feature if your workflow only consists of CC 2015 users and partners. I have never chosen a design partner based on software, it's always based on cost and capability. In fact often I don't get to choose the partner, our client simply commissions us, then says can you supply to xyz… I have no say in it, so, going forward, If we implement libraries I will need to make it clear to my team that they need to right click to add, rather than link to the asset in the cloud.


                              Thanks for your suggestion Dave, I will definitely look into Xinet.


                              My final thought is that I still find it difficult to get my head around sending a job, or even archiving a job that does not have ALL its assets neatly packaged in one resource. Must be just me, it's so hard to break habits of a lifetime!!!!!


                              Thank you all



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                                I had been having the same issue... just after I installed CC 2015, my libraries were blank with the notation that I need to sign in to Creative Cloud. And, I was signed in.

                                I quit, I even updated. Nothing. They worked fine in CC 2014. Today, I got in touch with Adobe Support because Creative Cloud (the application) kept crashing.

                                I allowed the tech access to my system. He turned off Firewall (which I turned back on later).

                                Anyway, the main thing he did was go into Activity Monitor and force quit all of the Adobe applications that were showing.

                                And, now, after restarting InDesign and Creative Cloud... Libraries are visible again.


                                So, must assume it was the background Adobe apps running that were the issue.


                                Good luck!

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                                  AnneMarie Concepcion Adobe Community Professional

                                  Just need to add here that I believe they've fixed the problem in more recent versions. (Just tested w/CC 2018.)


                                  If you place a graphic into ID from a CC Library, you have the option to place a Copy or place Linked.


                                  If you place Linked, the art appears with a little cloud icon on its frame and in the Links panel. Updating the item in the CC Library (you update it or whoever you're collaborating with) causes ID to report the placed graphic as out of date, just how you want.


                                  When you go to File > Package, InDesign copies the graphic to the new Links folder it creates. In the new InDesign file (that you would pass along to your colleague or print provider) it's linked to that standalone graphic in the Links folder. Even if you update the graphic in the CC Library, the packaged file is no longer linked to it, it's using the standalone graphic, so no need to worry about it getting updated inadvertently.


                                  And if a non-CC user, like a CS6 or CS5.5 user, opens  the IDML from that package, they won't get a gray box, because the IDML will look for the linked graphic in the new Links folder. The only time you get a gray box is when it can't find the native link.