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    Open file using relative path

      Hi all. I would like my director movie to open a text file that is in a subfolder higher up the directory tree rather than lower down. Is there a way to do this using a relative path? I don't want to specify the absolute path to the linked files. e.g the movie may be in D:\files\OpenText.dir and I want to open a file at D:\TextFiles\note.txt. Any help will be appreciated.
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          You can use the pathName operator. Check the docs for '@'. For example:
          tTextMember.filename = "@//text.rtf"
          would link the text member to a file named "text.rtf" located one folder
          up from the current directory.
          tTextMember.filename = "@//aFolder/text.rtf"
          would look up one folder for a folder named "aFolder" then the file
          contained in that folder.

          When you use the pathname operator the forward slash character will
          evaluate correctly cross-platform