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    change column width using 'FindChangebyList'

    seb400 Level 1

      Hi - I use a .txt file (compiled using 'FindChange_Record.jsx') to perform a long list of Find/Change items.


      I have the need to find and change certain paragraph text with varying 'column spans'.


      While the GREP Find/change dialogue in InDesign will perform the task as a one off, once the search is saved to a 'FindChange_Record' .txt the changes aren't recorded. I've managed to edit manually the 'spanSplitColumnCount' figure and change from 2 and above spans, but I'm unable to find out how to change a paragraph of 'two column' span down to a 'single column/none' count.


      Help required!




      (it did occur to me that I could probably add an extra paragraph style just for the purpose and then change back again afterwards - but I'm sure that there's a 'proper' way to do it).