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    Track matte key

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      This may be a question for PhotoShop, but I want to use the track matte key effect to have a cut out section move across the screen.  I think that I can figure out the effect to create what I want but problem is how do I create a circle with a transparent background to overlay on the timeline, thus creating the effect?  Using Pre11 / PS 11.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The circle with the transparent background IS the Track Matte, Steve.


          To create the effect you're trying to create, you put a white circle on a video track above the video you wan to punch a hole in and use keyframes to animate its position -- then you add the Track Matte effect to the video and reference it to the white circle.


          You can use a backgroundless layered PSD file for your circle or you can use the Title Adjustments' drawing tools to create the white circle.


          FWIW, this is one of the 50 effects I show you how to create, step by step, in my "Hot Tricks & Cool Tips for Premiere Elements 11" book, available on Amazon.

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            P1965 Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response, that's what I want to do but didn't explain it well.  I have followed your tips to do this, but my issue is missing the obvious step of creating the "white circle' as I haven't  figured out how to do this in Pshop.   Creating multiple or transparent layers isn't an issue, but can't figure out how to add or create the shape on the layer.



            I'll add that I did create the circle cutout within Pshop, but did this by cutting a circle from a black background, then added the image to the timeline in Pre above the images. This does work, but don't think it's the best method.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Were you able to create a PSD file with a transparent (not white or black) background and save it as a PSD file? (Once you've removed the background layer in Photoshop Elements, you can use the Shape tool to draw a circle on it.)


              When you add this PSD to the Premiere Elements timeline, is there a white circle with transparency behind it?


              I'm just trying to figure out at what point in the process things aren't working.

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                P1965 Level 1

                I did create/save a PSD by starting with a transparent layer but was unable to create a white circle within it. (couldn't figure out how)  So instead, I filled the layer black, then cut out the circle, thus leaving the circle area transparent, then importing to PRE. This does work but with extensive key-framing involved to obtain the desired results and unsure if that black area will be indeed be visible on the large screen.


                However, I believe you have given me the coveted clue by saying "remove the background layer in PS and draw the circle on it' as I didn't try it this way -  this is likely the obvious simple step I couldn't figure out......


                I will attempt to do this later today and update progress,


                Thanks very much for the great help!

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Have you tried drawing with the Photoshop Elements Shape tool? Also, do make sure your circle is white or the default settings for the Track Matte won't work.

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                    P1965 Level 1

                    That is how I initially started, using a transparent background then under the shapes menu for a circle, but it is only a circle and could not see how to fill it with color.  I could change the color of the circle, just not fill it.


                    Silly because I know I am missing something obvious here.....

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      Are you sure you're using the Shape tool and not the Selection tool?


                      The Shape tool (in the Draw category) gives you the option of drawing one of six basic shapes (plus dozens more, if you select Custom Shape) option. One of those options is the Ellipse which, if you hold down the Shift key as you drag, will draw a circle.


                      This circle will be filled with the color you have selected as your Foreground Color.

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                        P1965 Level 1

                        Unfortunately, I don't have the program(s) available right now but will later on today and confirm, but believe I used the menu on top right, (create), drop down shapes, and selected circle then dragged to window. I will be able to check this out later, along with the above advice about layers etc.


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                          P1965 Level 1

                          I figured it out and now have the "white circle" with transparent background.  This is so easy with the Track matte effect to create the results I wanted,


                          You've done it again, Steve!  Thank you for you expert help.



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                            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                            Great news, Steve!


                            Don't forget to mark this question as answered. And please do drop by Muvipix.com and check out our growing library of tips and tutorials.

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                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                              Using Photoshop Elements, you appear to have gotten the white circle on transparent background end result that you wanted for the track matte to use in your Premiere Elements project. Good news, great job of follow through.


                              Nonetheless, moving forward please consider the merits of creating the track matte in Premiere Elements rather than in Photoshop Elements. I believe that was one of the suggested choices in one of the posts in your thread. For some reason you decided to go the Photoshop Elements route. In the Premiere Elements way, you would create the track matte in Premiere Elements Titler using the Ellipse Tool in the Titler's Shapes section. You end up with a Timeline white circle on a transparent background file already sized to the project settings.



                              In generating your Photoshop Elements png, you do not need for the circle to be white in order for it to work with the Premiere Elements fx Effects/Keying/Track Matte's default setting (Composite: Matte Alpha). White is fine, but I get the same result if the circle were color red, blue, even color black.

                              Best wishes



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                                P1965 Level 1

                                I have indicated it as answered and already a member of the Muvipix site.  It's been an excellent resource for learning and downloads, Thanks.

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                                  P1965 Level 1


                                  I did use the PShop method and got the results I wanted, as this was how I interpreted a tutorial as the way to do it.  But, after trying your tip above to create the same effect within PRE itself, using a title screen and the shape, I found this to be a much simpler and preferable method, especially in terms of key-framing the effect being easier.

                                  As I had said above too, I knew I was missing something obvious or simple to do what I wanted.


                                  Thanks for your input and help,


                                  Regards,  i