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    Premiere Pro V8.2 upgrade


      Hello All


      I'm a producer/editor for CNN's documentary unit and we are currently running FCP 3 studio and are just making the jump to CC Premiere Pro V8.2.


      I really love what I've seen so far from these latest versions.


      For my next project I've been asked to use Premiere to give it a shake down with over 100 hours of footage and associated media.

      My problem is that I do a ton of work from my home studio and need to upgrade from v8.0 to 8.2 but all I see are options to go straight to 8.3.

      This will not work for me when I get back to CNN since there's no backwards compatibility.


      CNN does not have any more licenses for v8.2 to give me for home use so is there a place to get, or way to update to just v8.2 until CNN's IT unit approves 8.3 for use?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated as I start a new doc in 4 days.


      Thanks many,