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    text boxes shifting when updating master pages in a book

    nicolek81159300 Level 1

      I have text boxes in my master pages where I am putting the chapter headings.  Each time I make an adjustment to the master page and re-sync it with the rest of the document, my text boxes are all shifting  (not consistently with each other either though, some are moving just a little bit and others are moving a good half page away from their master page location).


      my text boxes are colored in and have been lined up to a guideline with the width only being adjusted to the left when text is entered in the page (ie: i have it set up so when I type in the next chapter page, the right side of the text is always in the same spot and just the distance to the left is changing depending on the length of the title).


      The same is happening to my headers which are centered on the page, but have the width to the left and right both adjusting so the title is always centered on the page.


      Hopefully there shouldn't be too many more adjustments to the master pages, but I just don't want to get to the end of the 300+ page document and find out i have to go back to each page and manually fix the alignment of the text boxes should there be a last minute change to make on the master document.


      (NOTE: I have one document with the master pages, and individual documents for each section of the book which are being synced through ID's book feature)


      If anyone has any fix or suggestions let me know!