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    In PE11 how do you simply copy a portion of your project video and save to a seperate file project asset


      I am using Premiere Elements 11.  I have imported to my Project a 4 minute video.  I want to copy a portion of this 4 minute video that is now a project and save it as a separate file or as an project asset.  Let's get this clear. I DO NOT want to TRIM anything.  I want a COPY!!!!

      Their are on the EDIT MENU selections for COPY but no where in the help does it inform you how to use the copy and paste features.  I repeat I don't want to cut a clip out of  the video. I want to make a copy of a portion of the video so that I can simply work on a smaller subset of the video and experiment with this smaller subset.


      I have seen how you can place markers Main Markers and Scene Markers but no where does it tell you how to copy the video between these markers.  You would think you could go into some sort of copy mode where you would simply highlight a section of video and then select copy, go to any folder in your system and select paste.  I do see the tiny little scissor Trim icons. But I repeat, I Don't Want To Trim anything from the Video.  I want to make a subset of a portion of the video so I can experiment at enhancing this smaller subset of the video.  I need to repeat this process in several different locations which is why copying and saving as a separate video or asset is preferable.


      But this is certainly not intuitive and in searching the help documentation I don't even see where they mention the copy and paste menu items.


      Funny, I have a very elementary free video editing program on my Samsung tablet that does this in 4 simple steps.  Yet this $100 plus PE program can's seem to simply accomplish this same task.


      Thanks for your assistance.