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    Problem with IDML (CC to 5.5)?

    kcrossley Level 1

      I designed a full color ad template for a local Realtor in InDesign CC. This was printed in a local newspaper. The first time the ad was printed I supplied the printable PDF and everything was fine. The following two weeks, the printer tried to update the template themselves. Unfortunately, the latest version of InDesign they have is 5.5, which meant I had to send them an IDML file. Long story short, the ads they produced look washed out and some of the color builds are completely wrong (yellow instead of orange).


      Does anyone know why this may have happened?


      Are there any color or density issues that I need to be aware of when sending IDML files? The printer is looking into this, but I feel like I need to better educate myself on this process and what could be happening.



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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes, I think the following could have happened:

          IDML is agnostic to your color management settings in the original InDesign file.

          So you never know how these settings were, if you open up an IDML file in InDesign.


          So it could be, that your settings did not match the settings on the reciever side.

          Thus: Wrong color in output.


          Maybe this would not explain the yellow instead of the orange.

          So basically everything could happen, if you send out "open" files.


          I would stay with your PDF workflow and do the edits of the ad myself.