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    CC Chronic Crashing Yosemite


      I've spent more than two hours with Adobe tech support, have followed their instructions, as well as using appropriate uninstaller, their cleaner, have purged cache and other files as documented and recommended and even signed out and / or uninstalled products just to stream recorded or live video streams that have nothing to do with Adobe products other than they require Flash (latest version), but each and every time is a nightmare.


      I can see CC is sucking up CPU even when I'm logged out and seems to be even worse when I logout in an attempt to free up CPU. I love using Adobe products so much, I'm a bit of an evangelist and hope to certify in them. But using them is making using my Macbook Pro (Yosemite 10.10.3) in any other capacity a nightmare.


      My operating system is at / above the technical spec requirements and I have ample disk space and based on conversations with Apple, am told (and Activity Tracker and Console appear to confirm) that CC is the problem, after which I was directed back to Adobe. After my last 2+ hour chat with Adobe support uninstalling, using the cleaner, etc. things ran better until I used Photoshop again and got progressively worse (streaming cuts out every other second) whether I pause syncing, log out of CC or even uninstall while not using. ! I should mention that I'm NOT trying to use CC while I'm streaming my shows at the same time.


      Not sure if this is pertinent, but the apps I have installed are Creative Cloud Photoshop, Bridge, Extension Manager and Lightroom (individual subscriber).


      I'm hoping someone else has a more definitive solution and would love to be able to use my laptop the way I was able to prior to CC but keep using CC as well.


      Thanks !


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