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    How do I install ActiveX?


      I thought ActiveX was part of Flash Player.  I am running Win7 Home Premium, Firefox 38.0.5 and FP 18

      I am trying to view flv files on my hard drive, and the Sothink FLV Player has suddenly stopped working.

      Sothink says FP ActiveX Control is not there. FP Manager says it is not installed either.

      It was OK a week ago

      Both FP and Sothink have been removed and reinstalled..

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          piyush2508 Adobe Employee

          Hi jimbob007


          Can you please upgrade to latest version of Flash Player to see if this problem gets resolved. Please find the installer at location Installation problems | Flash Player | Windows




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            piyush2508 Adobe Employee

            On IE, Please use the Flash Player Help Page, click on Check Now button to see status of Flash Player on your internet explorer.




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              jimbob007 Level 1

              Hi, Piyush,


              I have installed the latest version and get an error message: "This version of Macromedia Flash ActiveX Control isn't compatible with this version of Windows. (Win 7)"

              I used the flashplayer 18_ha_install.exe file downloaded from Adobe. I use Firefox rather than IE. The shockwave plugin in Firefox is active and online animation in Flashplayer Help, plays. For that matter, animation in websites play. Intellicast weather, YouTube, etc.)


              The problem I'm having lies in trying to use a standalone product called Sothink FLV Player provided by Sourcetec when I try to view Shockwave files saved on my HDD. Up until a week ago, all was well. Now I get an error that says it cannot run without ActiveX control. Originally, it said I had an old version of ActiveX and I had to update. It appears an update somewhere (possibly to Ver 18) has gummed up the works.


              I'm frustrated. Perhaps I should just look for a different standalone player?