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    High Resolution Quality of Adobe Stock Inventory and Working with Previews?

    RR456 Level 1

      I've used Sutterstock in the past but, being a CC subscriber, I am seriously investigating Adobe Stock.


      Because you do not actually see the high res image until after purchase with Adobe Stock I can't tell how to easily compare its inventory with Sutterstock.


      I downloaded AdobeStock_52339199_WM preview which was, of course, low res and it was significantly smaller in size (preview 1000 x 662 where actual is 4590 x 3040).  Therefore, I really could not do anything with the preview since it was a "postage stamp" even though Larry White had a video how I was suppose to be able to work with the preview in Photoshop and when done, then purchase the license.  And again, being low res, I got know idea, in terms of the end-product quality, what I would be buying.


      Any help on these issues would be greatly appreciated.