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    How to use a Flex Associative Array to CF Struct

    See4th Level 1
      I am trying to use the syntax that I used in Flash when send an object/associative array to a CFC as a struct argument type.

      In Flash I would use something like: var myObj = {name:"Bob", dept:"Sales"};

      In Flex I am trying to use:

      public var newVersion_obj:Array;

      private function onNewVersionChange():void{
      newVersion_obj.vName = vName_txt.text;
      newVersion_obj.vDesc = vDesc_txt.text;
      newVersion_obj.vFile = vFile_txt.text;
      private function onSaveVersion():void{

      But I am getting the CF error that the argument is not of type 'struct'.

      I've tried using the following as well with similar errors:

      public var newVersion_obj:Object;


      public var newVersion_obj:ArrayCollection;

      Any help would be appreciated.