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    Best way to use Resource Manager with shared topics across different projects while using a Version Control System


      We have a collection of Robohelp 11 chm projects which share some of their topics, so in order to keep all the projects updated as we make changes to one of the shared topics we decided to add the shared topics to a the Resourcer Manager.

      This works wonders while being used by a single person on a personal computer, but now that we need to have more people working on the different projects we are trying to implement a Version Control System compatible with Robohelp

      We are testing with SubVersion, but it doesn't work quite well with the files on the Resource Manager, for example:

      When I add a new shared topic that is going to be used on other projects it asks me to check out the .fpj file of the folder where the new topic resides, after all the changes I check in all the items and the rest of the team synchronizes, but the new topic is not added. We found out that the .fpj file was not updated.


      This among other silly situations are keeping us from making that jump from working on a single computer with all the projects to having a whole team working on parallel on the different projects.


      Also, other problems like a very slow performance on Robohelp after we implemented the Subversion solution after following the Integrating RoboHelp projects with Subversion | Adobe Developer Connection guide

      But those problems have already been asked in this forum.


      Thanks for your help in advance, greetings.