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    LR3 quality in develop


      I recently purchase a new MacBook Retina display 13 in. I installed LR3 from my MacBook 15in. This is the second computer that my software is on so it is still under license. When using LR3 in the library mode everything looks fine and normal. However, when I switch over to the develop module, the quality is significantly decreased and I can barely see the image to edit it. When exporting, everything looks fine and normal. What is going on? HELP!!

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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Check the display color profile on your mac. For testing set it to a sRGB profile and see if that helps.

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            ablunkiz Level 1

            Does it have to be a SRGB profile? It doesn't seem like that helps. It is not a color issue. It's a quality issue. The image looks fine in the library module but once switched to develop it almost seems like the image doesn't download/load entirely and therefore is not clear.

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Something is causing the video subsystem to not render the image in full resolution—it appears to be stopping after it’s loaded the low-res preview thumbnail expanded to fill the screen which normally happens for a small amount of time before LR will render the image at full resolution.  Sometimes the data in a monitor profile can be something that LR doesn’t quite understand and it’ll not render things correctly.  Sometimes this manifests as a gray placeholder image, sometimes as a color tint.  Switching the monitor profile to the standard sRGB profile, temporarily, can make sure the color profile is ok and not the problem.


              A couple other things to try would be clear your Camera Raw cache using the button in LR – Preferences and trying importing a few images in a new catalog to see if they have the same problem.