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    How to stop text from self-adjusting?


      Hi There,


      I'm using my PC to work with a flyer designed by a third party in Indesign (creative cloud version) and I'm having issues aligning my text in it. I'm trying to vertically align two different text boxes with two different sizes of text, so that the text is flush at the top.


      Whenever I try to nudge either text box up or down so that the text is vertically aligned at the top, the text will remain in its current position while the box around it moves up/down until the text finally reaches an invisible breaking point and jumps quite a ways up/down from where I wanted to move it. Usually I can just nudge items 1 pixel/pt/etc at a time to align them just right, but this is automatically jumping the text up or down without that freedom/control.


      There aren't any "snap to grid" or "smart guide" items currently on. The text frame options in either box are the same and unadulterated. I'm not sure what other setting might be causing this reaction. Help?