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    InDesign subscription for 2014 - Do not want 2015

    marin.scope Level 1

      I provide IT support for a newspaper, our clients other software is NOT yet compatible with ID 2015. They are still using ID CS2 and we want to upgrade them to CC and ID 2014.


      How can we subscribe and install ID 2014 and NOT ID 2015?


      Currently I downloaded ID 2014 from here Adobe - InDesign : For Windows : Adobe InDesign CC 2014 release (Windows 32bit) : Thank You and I am running a 30-day Trial on a workstation to test, if I use this installer on all the other workstations when we purchase our CC Subscriptions will ID 2014 be activated and not force the update to ID 2015?


      What is the correct way to install and activate/subscribe if we require ID 2014? (They will also be using other apps like Photoshop, Acrobat and Illustrator but these versions can be the latest, the only one that has to remain 2014 is InDesign until the other application developer creates the add-in to support 2015...few months out).