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    Different download locations for Flash Player 18 for Windows (.msi, .exe) - what are the differences?




      Normal way to download flash player is to go to


      and chose the proper version.


      For Windows 7/Vista/XP there are three different files at the moment:

      flashplayer18pp_hd_install.exe  - Opera and Chromium (PPAPI)

      flashplayer18ax_hd_install.exe - IE (ActiveX)

      flashplayer18_hd_install.exe - Firefox (NPAPI)


      All have the same size (1 125 056) but are slightly different content.


      There is another location:

      http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/current/licensing/win/install_flash_playe r_18_plugin.msi

      Size much bigger: 19 588 096

      It seems to work with Firefox and other browsers too.


      My question: is the .msi file kind of "global" - and design to work with all browsers?

      What does .msi contain? (I guess all plugins above and something more?)
      (In fact, inside is mainly one .exe file: InstallPlugin_18_0_0_194.exe, size 18 411 184)


      I would like to know more about this file, how is it different from plugins on get.adobe.com and where is more info on the net (except the googled link).