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    Cut out an Object

      Good morning. I am kind of new to Fireworks. I can do the basics with it. I would like to cut an object out of another picture. For example I would like to cut out a person in a picture so I can paste into another picture or logo. Any help would be great.

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          The Marquee tool or the Lasso tool will let you select areas of an image. From there you can cut or copy the selection and paste it into a new image that you can work with from there.

          In your example, you'll want to use the Lasso tool or the Polygon Lasso tool to select the area of the image you want to work with.
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            Actually in fireworks, the vector tools combined with masking offer a
            good alternative to the bitmap selection tools. Search the forum for related
            threads containing tutorial urls --the question is fairly common. -Tom Unger