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    Photoshop Export File Names


      I absolutely love the new artboard features in PS 2015!!!


      That said, the quick export would be perfected for my workflow if it allowed the option of exporting the asset files with the project name plus the artboard name.


      For example, if my psd file is named SummerConcert.psd and contains four artboards named FaceBook Event, Web Rotator, Instagram, and HD Slide, the exported asset folder would then contain the following files after export:







      Working with multiple projects per month means that my web server has numerous image files that fill the templates for their respective pages. Each event will have a web banner, article header, Instagram graphic, Facebook Event art, Facebook Cover art, etc. I have created one template, if you will, in the form of a psd file with artboards sized and named for each images I need per event. Unfortunately at this point, exporting all of the artboard at one time still requires that I go back and rename each file.


      I'm all about quick, accurate, and effective workflows, and this would make it even more awesome!




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