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    Import or start from scratch?


      I'm new to Indesign but have an older version CS6 which I've had for a while but never installed. (yeah, that much of a newbie).


      I have a fully written book, complete with Table of Contents, call outs, 109,000 words, 300 pages, index and bibliography.. all done in Word.


      Word formatting sucks... it's horrible.


      So, I'm looking at doing the book in InDesign.  I think I'm up for the challenge because I'm an old Ventura user and grasp the concept pretty solidly... but I do have questions:


      1) some articles I've read suggest that I'm better to import the word doc, some say import it as an .rtf and still others say just import the text as plain text, format the first chapter and and then import the next chapter and so on.  What really is the most efficient way to do this?


      2) I know with the kerning and other benefits of a page layout program, the page numbers will change.  Does InDesign have a decent TOC, Index generation tool?


      3) What happens to all the bibliography references? I have a pretty complete bibliography with about 50 entries.  I'd really love to not have to rekey and retag all that stuff.


      4) How would you pro's approach this?