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    Borderless Printing


      I'm having a small problem printing with LR. I'm trying to print borderless 4x6 prints directly to my printer. The preview shows a borderless print.  I have selected "borderless printing" and the paper size in the printer setup.  I've set the boarders to zero in LR and set the cell size to 4x6.  For some prints, they print borderless, as I expect. Others, however, have a thin (1/16") white border on left and bottom of the print.  Looks to me like identical settings. Any thoughts on what is going wrong? Thanks.

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          JoeKostoss Adobe Community Professional

          The paper feed through the printer has a tolerance and feeds slightly different each time.  This can usually be corrected in the page layout setting by moving the Expansion slider to Max.  Note that this will expand the image slightly such that you may lose a small part of the image along the edges.  If your settings are already at Max, the printer may have a larger tolerance than can be corrected.  Making sure that the paper is set properly against the stops in the printer feed tray may help.


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