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    Need some hardware guidance on Adobe After Effects...


      I am new to adobe after affects and need some guidance... I have been reading articles to try and understand best hardware to run it on.  I need some opinions and feedback.


      My budget would be between $1500 and $2500 canadian.


      Is there an advantage of running Adobe After Effects with Mac hardware? Does it run better than it would on a Windows computer?

      Wondering if Adobe After Effects cares more about the processing power than the operating system being run...


      Does having a dedicated graphic card make a huge difference with vram? I was reading CPU and memory are most important


      I was reading in the past that Nvidia had Ray tracing, but is being phased out for Cinema 4D. Does integrated graphics work extremely well with Cinema 4D.. I reading that the plugin Octane apparently works really well with Nvidia.



      *My idea for a PC build would be I7 4790 (Quad Core, 3.6GHZ , 8MB L3 cache) , 32GB ram , Integrated graphics HD 4600, 240GB SSD for OS only , 2 x 1TB hdd


      *Mac hardware i was thinking  3.4ghz I5, 16GB ram, 1TB hdd, with Nvidia dedicated 750m 1GB VRAM or something similiar to that..



      Thanks in advance for your advice and support!