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    I have an Error while stitching more than 10 Photos together to a Panorama, Photoshop does the same work without Problems up to dozens of Pictures.


      Lightroom works fine with 10 or less Pictures for a Panorama but with 11 or more Pictures a message pops up: Not enough Information about Camera-movement, panorama can`t be created.


      • I shoot my Panoramas always with a Manfrotto Panorama Head on a heavy and stable Tripod with a good 1/3 overlapping.
      • Lightroom needs 2-3 Minutes for 10 or less pictures for a Panorama and 15 minutes or longer if this Error occurs.
      • CPU (Intel i7 Quad-Core) is only used 15-20% GPU (GTX 970) is not used
      • Memory is used 20-30% (total memory 24 GB RAM)


      many thanks for helpful answers.