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    Feature requests: Multiple videotracks, Better IN/OUT function, Easier scrubbing and more

    victorclausson Level 1



      I just finished my first project on my iPhone 5S in Adobe Premiere Clip and here's my thoughts and improvements I would like to see in feature updates.


      - Better IN/OUT function when trimming a videoclip.

      It's very fiddly when you're trying to trim a clip by dragging. It's not very accurate in portrait-mode because it tends to move when you release your finger. Especially when you have a clip that's very long. Being able to tilt to landscape mode or zoom in to the timeline of the clip would be great! Instead of dragging I would like to see buttons for making IN and OUT points. Also, a dedicated button with easier access to split a clip where the playhead is, would be great.


      - Easier scrubbing

      Same thing here! Not a fan of dragging the playhead next to the in/out trimming sliders. I often touched the trim points instead of the playhead and had to redo the in/out trim points. Very frustrating! If it's possible, I would like to have a bigger surface to touch and move the playhead more accurate. Being able to zoom in to the timeline of the clip would be good since long videoclips is harder to find the perfect spot. I feel bad for saying this but the iMovie app on the iPhone has a pretty good playhead and scrubbing feature.


      - Multiple videotracks

      I would like to be able to add a videoclip above another videoclip in the timeline. In my case I had my friend talking about cars and I wanted to add a video showing close-ups of the car he was talking about while the main videoclip continued playing or at least the sound of the main videoclip. Now I had to cut the main videoclip and add the close-ups later with the "Edit with Premiere Pro" function. It's alright but I would like to do as much as possible right into Premiere Clip.


      - Better renaming with "Edit in Premiere Pro" function

      What I did for this project was to convert all my DSLR clips to .mp4 (h.264) format and synced them to Creative Cloud. I edited on my iPhone 5S with the Premiere Clip app and continued in Premiere Pro on my computer. When I opened the project in Premiere Pro my videoclips (that I wanted to replace with the originals) was renamed? They looked like this: 290D2A0B-E1DE-41AB-A5C3-0E6C12BAEB9B. Is it possible to keep the same during this process? This would make it alot easier to replace them if you would like to use the original footage instead.


      I love this new release of the Premiere Clip app and I can't wait to see what will be added in the future. The ability to continue in Premiere Pro is really great!

      I just thought I share my opinions and hopefully things will improve alot by time.


      Thank you.