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    Brush tool default preset can't be adjusted - will reset to default on LR start discarding adjustments made

    hans3d Level 1

      Hi there!


      I have a small but never theless annoying bug with my default LR local ajustment brushes: It seems impossible to edit their defult settings.

      Here's the stoy: Lets look at the Skin softening Brush for exammple (the preset that ships with LR): here the clarity is set to -100 by default and I think thats a bit too much. so I lower the clarity to let say -60 and  then update the preset with the current settings. And it seems to work fine throughout the LR session.

      But , when I restart LR it will restore the default presets and give me the -100 clarity again! Simply ignoring my input from before!!!

      I know this has worked fine in LR 5.7 ther i could adjust the default presets to my liking, update with these settings and keep goin.

      But anyhow this is broken now.


      I've already reseted my preferences but the problem still persists.


      So if anyone has an idea??