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    Security issue: "This function is unavailable" on a call "Net.HTTP.request(params);"


      It seems to be something in the security settings, but I cannot see it.


      A menu item calls a function in the folder level javascripts, which throws up an alert box "This function is unavailable" and terminates at the line: "Net.HTTP.request(params);". The pdf is reader enabled using LiveCycle workbench, and the pdf has been added to the trusted locations.


      It works fine in both Acrobat pro X and in Acrobat Reader XI on one computer, but then on three others I have tried it on it does not work in Reader (although after adding it to trusted locations in worked in acrobat pro X on one of those).. I have been through the Javascript and Security Enhanced and Trust manager settings in preferences dialog and in the registry and ensured that they all match, and yet it still works on one version and not on three others. The one it works on is running XP while those that are throwing the error are running Win 7 if that makes any difference.


      Does anyone have any ideas for any other things to try please?