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    Listbox columns not working in Photoshop CC 2015

    gimblll Level 1



      Just updated from CC 2014 to CC 2015 and my scripts broke. After debugging I've narrowed it down to the use of a listbox with columns. For some reason the new version fails to create the columns at all. ( my full script at gimblll/GBL-Texture-Exporter · GitHub )


      I narrowed it down to a short example. This fails to produce columns and if the commented line is uncommented, I get a "Not implemented" error. Is anyone else having this problem? Any ideas what's changed or where I'm going wrong? Hopefully the "Not implemented" error doesn't mean that it is actually not implemented, since that would be a pretty huge omission.


      var win = new Window("dialog", "Test Window");
      var panel = win.add("panel");
      panel.alignChildren = ["fill", undefined]
      panel.preferredSize = [1000, undefined];
      var list = panel.add("listbox", undefined, undefined, {
          numberOfColumns: 2,
          showHeaders: true,
          columnTitles: ["Id", "Resize", ],
      list.preferredSize = [undefined, 100];
      var item1 = list.add ("item", "Test1");
      //    item1.subItems[0].text = "Test2";