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    Presenter not working as part of Tech Comm suite subscription...




      I've never been able to get Presenter to work. I am supposed to have it as part of Tech Comm Suite subscription. But it doesn't appear to be included in the download of that.

      I downloaded a trial sometime back but it didn't load it properly. Now I just get a message saying it has expired and to go to it and enter a serial number.... but you can't get into it to do that (I have an original serial number from first purchase of the subscription, although the latest one doesn't seem to need a number just email address). I've tried control panel to try and uninstall it but it doesn't appear in the list of software. I tried to re-run my TCS 2015 download to check and Presenter doesn't appear on the list.t doesn't appear in Powerpoint or in the Manage Add-ons dialogue box at all.


      Any advice please?