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    2 different HTML export result with 2 different computer


      Hi ,


      I have this problem:


      I have 3 different PC (2 Mac and 1 window) and the html export result is not the same. Here a sample:


      (1 MAC Indesign CC 9.x and 1 PC indesign CC 9.0)

      <p class="Terapia_rientrato"><div class="frame_picture_with_caption"><img class="_idGenPageitem-6" src="prova_Edises-web-resources/image/fig_29-001-F003_fmt.png" alt="fig_29-001-F003.tif" /></div></p>


      (1 MAC Indesign CC 9.2))

      <p class="Terapia_rientrato"><img class="_idGenPageitem-7 frame_picture_with_caption" src="prova_Edises-web-resources/image/fig_29-001-F003.jpg" alt="" /></p>



      How is possible export in html to keep the some result?


      Thank you !!!