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    Lenn correct


      I have a question about the lens correct in Lightroom 6 (test version):


      When I made my pictures as RAW, I get many lenes (Sigma round about 20-40, Nikon round about 30-50, Tamron round about 30 and so on). But if I make my pictures as JPEG, I get only a small list: 1 Tamron lens (28-75 2,8), round about 7 - 10 Nikon lenses and round about 5 Sigmas.


      How could I use the compleatly lenses (that I have by RAW) for JPEG pictures? Or will I get the other lenses after activate Lightroom 6? My camera is a Nikon D750


      Kind regards

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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What is the reason you are not shooting RAW?

          Lens profiles are always for RAW or non-RAW. You can copy and modify an existing profile to use it for JPG. However, this is not a supported way and performance of this is at your own risk.


          If you'd like to give it a go, you can copy the RAW profile and edit the file (it's in XML), changing <stCamera:CameraRawProfile> to False.