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    Installing and Licensing FB 4.6 with Creative Cloud Team Account


      Hallo we have a create Cloud Team Accound and according to this site:

      Creative Cloud-Hilfe | Lizenzbezeichner für die Adobe Creative Cloud

      we should be able to use also the Flash Builder 4.6, but I can only start it as trial version!


      The Creative Cloud desktop tool offers all other old CS6 applications (like Flash Professional CS6) but not the Flash Builder 4.6.


      I already had the Flash Builder 4.6 with a 'nomal' license, but we 'upgraded to the Creative Clould.


      I uregistered the old licens in the flash builder but when restarting the program it did not get the license from the creative cloud - (It works for all other CS6 programs already installed)


      I also tried tu unistall flash builder. Run the cc-cleaner utility, restarted the pc, re installed the flash builder ... it still does not the licensed. I only can start it as trial version.


      Please help / advice!