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    File "put" stops working after Application Manager updates itself to Creative Cloud Manager


      I'm running DW CS6 Version 12.0 Build 5808 in a networked environment.


      Twice in recent weeks my Adobe Application Manager changed itself to Adobe Creative Cloud Manager after I let it update my Adobe apps.  Each time this happened, my DW file "put" function didn't work the same as before.  The only remedy I've found so far is to completely uninstall my Adobe products and reinstall CS6 (and decline updates afterward, when prompted). 


      I'll be switching to a Creative Cloud subscription soon (for the full suite) and am concerned that I might be stuck with this DW problem again after I make that transition.  I'm hoping someone can enlighten me as to exactly what might have caused this and how to fix it if it does happen after I switch to the subscription.


      Problem that occurs after Application Manager changes to Creative Cloud Manager:

      1 - After changing a local file in DW and saving the changes, I right-click the file name in the Files window and choose Put.

      2 - DW prompts me "Synchronization information can not be found on [file name].  Putting the file may overwrite changes to the file.  Do you wish to put the file anyway?"  (I don't perceive this to be part of the problem; more on this below.)

      3 - I choose Yes, and the dialog box disappears as expected. 

      4 - Seems like the file should now be updated on the remote server . . . but it isn't.  When I look at the file mod date on the remote server (via Windows Explorer), it has not been updated.  I can, of course, manually update it via a Windows Explorer copy, but the point is that even though DW acted like it put the file it actually didn't.


      For years before the Cloud Manager update occurred, I often received the prompt in step 2.  Every time I chose Yes, and every time DW put the file to the remote server as expected.  After it updates to Cloud Manager the prompt still occurs, but DW doesn't actually put the file.  The only way I've found to force it is to right-click the file in the File window, choose Synchronize, and go through those prompts.  It then puts the file, and each time thereafter I can do a regular "put" and it will put the file.  I never had to use this Synchronize option before, though, and after I uninstall and reinstall my regular CS6 I don't have to use it then, either; it just gives me the usual prompt when I choose Put, then it puts the file.


      Hope I've explained this clearly, and thanks for any help.  I've searched for a solution but found nothing, so my apologies if it's really here in the forums somewhere and I've missed it.