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    RH HTML 2015: incorporate captivate demo into RH


      followed the directions in the adobe "Using RH" guide to incorporate a captivate (5.5) demo into my project.  a new tab/topic was created in which it says the demo was "successfully imported" however nothing seems to be in the topic it was created for, even when I test view it.  should have opened this inquiry with "I'm not a developer, nor do I play one on TV".. this is my first go at RH 2015, all my other projects were created in rh9.  Any & all words of wisdom and assistance are welcome and appreciated!!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          How did you publish your demo? Is it Flash SWF or HTML 5? And how exactly are you attempting to get it into RoboHelp? By inserting into an existing topic or by having it open up as a topic of its own?


          Cheers... Rick

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            pcagud Level 1

            Thanks for getting back to me.  I have yet to publish the project, however it will be in HTML5.  Actually far from it, this is the first topic in the project.  Here are the instructions I followed from the "Using Adobe RoboHelp 2015":


            Create an Adobe Captivate demo

            Create an Adobe Captivate demo from within RoboHelp.

            NOTE: If you have installed Technical Communication Suite, you can also create topics with the Adobe

            Captivate Step by Step and Handout output. For more information, see Createdemo, step-by-step, and

            handout topics from an Adobe Captivate project in the Using Adobe Technical Communication Suite


            1) Select File > New, and choose Adobe Captivate Topic.

            2) Specify a name for the Adobe Captivate project that will be created.

            3) In the Title box for the Demo topic, type the topic name.

            4) In the File Name box, specify a filename with the extension .htm.

            5) Click OK.

            6) Create the demo.

            NOTE: You cannot access RoboHelp while Adobe Captivate is open.

            7) Save the demo and close Captivate.

            8) To test the demo, select or open the host topic, and click View .

            9) Open the topic and add additional information, such as a header, footer, background color, or

            title text.

            NOTE: You can select the Adobe Captivate demo inserted in the topic and cut and paste it into

            another topic if required.


            As I mentioned earlier, I'm worse of than a novice when it comes to RH2015.

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Oh dear


              Yes, Adobe LOVES to create these rather esoteric "workflows" where an author would be merrily working along in RoboHelp and say, Gee Whiz! You know what would be GREAT here? A CAPTIVATE DEMO!!!!!! Why let's just create one on the fly!


              The reality here is that you seldom (if ever) want to work this way. Sure, it's great RoboHelp is able to work that way, but to me, RoboHelp and Captivate are two entirely different applications. Just like you probably wouldn't be working along in Microsoft Word and suddenly scream out that you need a PowerPoint and right there in the process allow Word to open PowerPoint and create the slide show, you really don't want to work this way in RoboHelp.


              I treat each application as its own thing. So for Captivate stuff, I open Captivate on its own, create the output and close Captivate. Then when I want to use the Captivate in RoboHelp, I simply insert the output from Captivate.


              So my suggestion here is to ignore those instructions and forget they even exist. Poof! Gone!


              Now close RoboHelp and open Captivate. Create the project and tweak it until you are happy. Then publish it to create the output. Captivate should allow you to create two types of output. One is a Flash SWF output and the other is HTML 5. You may choose to create only one type or both at once.


              Then close Captivate and open RoboHelp. At this point you have to decide exactly how you want to use the output. Should the output be inserted into a topic page where other items appear on the page with the Captivate? Or should the Captivate be a topic of its own? The answer to this will determine the path you take in RoboHelp. Another thing to consider is what the output was you created from Captivate. Did you choose only the SWF? Only HTML 5? Or both?


              As you can see, there are many things to consider.


              Cheers... Rick

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                pcagud Level 1

                Thanks Rick!!


                I'll seperate the two as you suggest & give it a go.  Really appreciate your insight & the responding in plan english!