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    Adobe Mobile Apps Feedback


      Dear Adobe,


      I don't know how to give feedback to you all, so I am doing it via this forum. I hope someone acknowledges that my comments have been read. I did post earlier, but want to post again, with a little more detail. For your marketing purposes: I am a 60 yr old Media Specialist, employed at a major university. I have both fine art and communications background.I am also a photographer/artist currently using the iphone 6. Will purchase a ipad mini in the fall. I love creating on the iphone! I also have a desktop computer at home. Anyway, I am a long time user of Adobe products, I've spent years and thousands of dollars over the years on Adobe products as well on University based education to learn the various Adobe software. In my professional role I use all Adobe CC products at the University. At home I have a CC account for Photoshop and use it on my windows desktop.  But ALL my personal creative work is being done on the iphone and soon, the ipad. I LOVE creating with these devices. I have Photoshop Touch and love it. it is a very robust and solid editing app, and no other ios app comes close to it IMHO, and I have tried them ALL. Some are good at various functions, but PST is a great all-arounder. I was hoping for PST updates, more layers, masking, funky filters, instead it is being discontinued.


      What am I supposed to use, Adobe Mix. Are you all crazy? It is a fine little app, but it is not PST. I've read you are breaking up the functions into little apps. But I have a folder for the Adobe apps and I don't use any of them. You are driving away business. I use Procreate, not Adobe Draw. I use a variety of FX apps. Where is Adobe?  It breaks my heart that Adobe, the Big Dog of photo editing, and you give us Mix? Do you have any regular Joes in your marketing /design department to give you feedback? I don't want to use a million apps to get my work done. In my current ios workflow, I use PST all the time. Snapseed  and some of the other apps are good, but they are not PST. I want a nice little professional app like PST for my work, not Mix!  It is really sad as a LONG TIME Adobe user not to be using Adobe products in my ios iphone workflow.Your strategy boggles my mind. If you want us to use the subscription service at least give us some decent robust ios apps. Mobile art is different beast than my professional desktop work. I don't create on my mobile devices and then go to the desktop. It is all done on the mobile devices.


      I am writing this post, which I never do, out of frustration. Mobile art is fantastic, and you are giving us Adobe Mix? I've read about some of the new little Adobe apps, but I am not too excited about them. I was really hoping Adobe would take PST to another professional and funky level. I can deal with the subscription thing, but not getting the apps, that is really sad......



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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I understand your concerns. If nobody from Adobe responds to you here (this is a user-to-user forum, after all), file a feature request.

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            markm16271807 Level 1

            Thanks, will do. I didn't know where to go with feedback. I'm not trying to be negative nor am I old school. I'm like, bring on the new and funky! When I first got an iphone the FIRST thing I looked for was an Adobe editing app. I was so excited when I saw the cool Adobe PST icon. I was like, "How cool is this!" And now it's like, what is going on. A bunch of little apps and a system to drive you to the desktop. I am really excited about getting an ipad in the fall, assuming Apple will come out with a jacked up ipad mini. But there won't be the excitement of a new and robust and improved and funky PST. It will be a bunch of little Adobe apps. So I have to turn to the competition. I just don't get it. Adobe is the Big Kahuna of photo editing and here I am turning to fly by night developers or developers with nowhere the history and knowledge and resources of Adobe. It's insane.....

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I do really like some of the mobile apps. In Adobe Draw, or whatever it's called (the vector one), I make a drawing on my iPhone, press the "Send to Illustrator" button, and BAM! Illustrator CC 2015 opens up on my PC with my vector file without me having to do anything. I was pretty impressed.

              My business card (and, soon, my website) are using a vector I snatched from the comforter on my bed using the CC Shape app. Color and Hue are useful to me too.


              But I was also saddened to see the demise of the main Photoshop mobile app. Hopefully we won't lose too much and some of these other apps will get beefed up. Keep filing feature requests for the different functions you're missing with the new software and encourage others to do the same.

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                markm16271807 Level 1

                Thanks for the reply. I do get the uses of the apps. But Adobe seems to be driving the user back to their desktop subscription world, Which has its place. But mobile art, at least for me, is independent of all of that. Perhaps Adobe is preparing for future when there is no distinction between platforms.




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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Perhaps Adobe is preparing for future when there is no distinction between platforms.

                  Perhaps. Look at this slightly fictionalized glimpse into what they're thinking: The future of Adobe creative applications on Microsoft devices - YouTube  (My favorite bit is at the end with the paint)

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                    markm16271807 Level 1

                    Watched the video. Very cool. In the meantime, I still wish there was a cool little jacked up Adobe PST app in the works. Fortunately I still have the original PST on my iphone 6 and all is well, for now. But as I posted earlier, when I get a new ipad mini in the fall I will have to search for a new PST like editing app for my mobile creative personal work, unless unless Adobe has some surprises in store. It's really too bad.