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    Action of Nested Symbol not Working

    BNomad Level 1

      I'm new to Edge Animate and have 2 questions:


      1.  I have a nested symbol within a symbol. When the nested symbol reaches a certain point, I have an action to stop the nested symbol and begin playing the other symbol at a certain point.  The action I have written is -





      Eyes2 is the nested symbol and Thief is the main symbol.  Hit is the name of the label on put on the Thief symbol.  When the composition plays, it just stops at the end of the nested symbol.  It does not jump back and play the Thief symbol from the Hit label.  Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?


      2.  My second question is that I have an element in the nested symbol (Eyes2) that I tried to make clickable.  Once the element is clicked in Eyes2, I want the nest symbol to stop playing and the Thief symbol to start playing from the label Hit.  When I play the composition, the nested symbol plays, but you can't click on the element that I made clickable.  If you try and click on the element, nothing happens.  I changed the cursor to appear as the hand when you rollover the element, but the cursor doesn't change.  The script is the same as above only I have it set for on click (of the element) to run the script.  What do I need to change?


      Thanks for the help!