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    Is it possible to build an index with IndexMatic pulling 2 character styles (such as code number and price)?


      I have been using IndexMaticPro to build an index for a product catalog. So far we've just done a very simple index showing the product code number and the corresponding page numbers. I've been using the character style feature to do this, as I am just a beginner with script coding (I've learned a little GREP and use it within paragraph styles, but that's about it).


      Now I want to be able to grab the code number character style and the price character style and show both on the same line in the resulting index. It seems like that should be possible. When I create a Style Group and choose that in IndexMaticPro, I still get only the code. Is there are way to make it pull ALL styles from a group instead of any style in that group?


      Or do I need to learn more coding in order to write a custom query?