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    Still need Flash CS6 sometimes but Test Movie in Flash shows blank results


      I have CC, I'm trying to use the latest version of Flash, but occasionally I need to use CS6 and have files publishing to 10.3 and above in there.


      Here's my issue: When I go to CONTROL > TEST MOVIE > TEST (with in Flash Professional checked) or command + enter. I get a blank swf. This will happen for any files, new or old, that are published AS3 / 10.3 and up.  If I set the Target to Flash Player 9, it shows correctly.


      Any ideas? This started once I began using Flash CC 2015.


      I fixed it once by trashing my Configuration files from ~/Library/Application \Support/... but that only worked the one time.

      I've tried restarting and doing that as well. no luck.