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    Premiere Elements 9: Runtime error: unknown exception

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      In Premiere Elements 9, I'm getting an error message: "Runtime error: unknown exception" when I try to burn a project either to DVD or a folder. I'm running Windows Vista. I've been using the same editing software and computer for years (obviously) without this issue ever cropping up before, and it occurs under very specific circumstances. I can burn to disc or a folder when I remove all menu markers and basically treat the project as one long (12 minutes) video. I can burn to disc or folder if I include menu markers but no menu. But when I add a menu, I get the error message. I can take the same files and use Windows DVD maker to create a finished DVD, but that's a workaround that leaves me unsatisfied. I'm at a loss.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Are you working from the Premiere Elements 9.0.1 update? Is your Windows Vista 32 or 64 bit? Are you doing a SD or HD project?


          How many Timeline menu markers have you set (what kind, any stop marker at the end of the last item on the Timeline)?

          What disc menu theme have you selected?

          Consequently, how many main menu pages and scene selection pages result?


          In the Disc Menu customization area of the program, are you seeing a red frame around any of the buttons on the main menu page or the scene selection page? Have you customized these pages and to what extent?

          Motion Buttons

          Video Background insert

          Audio Background Insert



          When you are in the burn dialog (project complete with Timeline markers and menus), what does the burn dialog's Quality area show for Space Required and Bitrate with a check mark next to Fit Content to Available Space?


          Let us start here and then decide what next based on the details of your reply.


          Thank you.



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            Hi ATR –


            Thanks for addressing my problem so quickly. In answer to your questions . . .


            -When I first encountered the problem, one of the early steps I took (after the typical insanity route of doing the same thing over and over, hoping for a different result) was to uninstall and reinstall, using the original Premiere Elements 9 discs. So, unless Premiere automatically updates upon reinstallation, I imagine I’m using 9.0. I’ll try to confirm that for you later, but I’m in the middle of doing a test burn of another project (more on that later).


            -Running Windows Vista 32 bit.


            -Four scene markers. No Stop marker at the end or anywhere else, because I learned very early on that Stop markers don’t play nice with Windows Vista and my HP Pavilion computer.


            -No red frames around any of the individual menu elements, so nothing is overlapping and thereby creating confusion.


            -Originally, I used a video background insert on the main menu page, with audio coming from the same video source. For page two (scene selection), I only used the still frames from the scene markers, with audio coming from the video clip that I used as a background on the main menu page. Using process of elimination, I tried a burn using the same video background on the main menu page, but audio from an MP3 file for the menu scene selection page. That didn’t work. I tried another burn with the same video background on the main page, and the audio native to the menu on the scene selection page. That didn’t work. The video I used for the background on the main menu page was an AVI file. I saved it as a Windows Media file and tried that. No luck. I tried a menu with no modifications at all. That didn’t work. I originally tried the newsreel menu from the Movies category; then one from the Memories category; then the faux wide screen menu. None of them worked.


            For the project in question, the space requirement is 788.0 MB. The bit rate is 8.00 MBPS, and the “fit content to available space” box has been checked. Although I also tried a burn with the box unchecked and doing a lower quality (maybe around 5 MBPS) rate. That didn’t help. I also tried burning another project that I was in the middle of. It’s a larger project, requiring 3.61 GB of space. Bit rate of 8.00 MBPS with the box checked to fit content to available space. That project wouldn’t burn either.


            At this moment, I’m attempting to burn to a folder a previously completed project for which I still have all the elements. This project successfully burned several months ago. I’m highly curious to see what happens this time around.


            On the surface, the culprit certainly seems to have something to do with the Premiere menus. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was able to take the files I’m working with (four AVI files), create a timeline, add scene markers, and successfully burn to disc as an autoplay (with the scene markers fully functional). I was also able to take the same files and use Windows DVD Maker to create a DVD with a fully functioning menu. But, Windows DVD Maker being what it is, it doesn’t provide a terribly elegant solution. But it’s better than what I’m getting right now from Premiere.


            In 4-5 years of using the product, I’ve never encountered a problem like this.

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              An update for you, ATR –


              I was able to successfully burn to a folder an older project. The project has a main menu (Art-In-Motion) with a video clip inserted. The audio on the clip is used as the audio source for the menu. It has a Scene Menu using still frames from the scene markers. The audio from the video clip used on the main menu is used as the audio source for the Scene Menu.


              So, an older project burns just fine. But two new projects won’t burn. Does that help point us down a particular path?

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                A further update: Giddy with success in being able to burn an older project, I decided to try burning my new project with the art-in-motion menu. Now I'm getting the error message: "Disc burning error: Could not create menus." Well, I guess that's a little more to the point than the vaguely worded "unknown exception" message - but the results are the same. No functioning menus.

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                  Thanks for the follow ups. Do not give up.


                  When you talk about success, have all the successes come with burn to folder with the older projects - no burn to disc, right?


                  Is there any significant difference between the old (will burn to folder) and new (will not burn to folder) ... all burn to folder tried on same computer, right?


                  This is what I would like you to explore


                  Make a copy of one of the old projects. Open that copy with its menus.

                  In the Disc Menu customization area of the project, hit AutoPlay to get rid of its menus and reset to blank (no menus). Then apply the Art-in-Motion theme to this older project - same as you had to the new project. Does the burn to folder work - go or no go?





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                    Thanks for hangin’ in there with me, ATR. Since yesterday . . .


                    -I realized I didn’t answer one of your original questions. Project is in SD.


                    -Yes, the success with revisiting an older project was using the burn-to-folder option. Actually, before encountering this issue, I never burned to a folder before. Always burned to disc. But I got tired of wasting discs in trying to pinpoint the problem. That said, I experienced successful burns to disc as well as to folder when the menus were removed from the new project.


                    -Old and new projects burned on the same computer. The only difference (aside from the space required) between the old project and new was that the old one was originally burned in widescreen aspect ratio, and the new one was burned in standard 4x3 aspect ratio. More on that later.


                    -I followed your suggestion. I made a copy of the old project that always worked. I hit Autoplay to get rid of the existing menu. I re-selected the Art-In-Motion menu and burned the project to a folder. The burn was completely successful.


                    -The success got me wondering if somehow the difference between widescreen and 4x3 could be introducing some funk. So I reburned the old project to folder in 4x3. Once again, the burn was completely successful.


                    -Then I went back to the new project. I hit autoplay to take out the menu. I reselected the Newsreel menu. All previous attempts at burning this project were in the 4x3 aspect ratio, to match the visual elements. I changed the aspect ratio to widescreen and attempted a burn to folder. That attempt failed. The menus encoded completely. The media encoded and compiled completely. The burn failed at 9%.


                    -I removed the Newsreel menu. I selected the Art-In-Motion menu. I selected the widescreen aspect ratio. The burn to folder failed, with results exactly as above.


                    -I removed the Art-In-Motion menu, then reselected it. I attempted a burn to folder in 4x3 aspect ratio. The burn to folder failed, with the results exactly as above.


                    I’ve got other commitments that are going to tear me away from my computer for the remainder of the day. And maybe that’s a good thing. But with the burn failing at 9%, I’m wondering if it’s something other than using a menu that is to blame – even though I’ve been able to successfully burn the project as an autoplay with no scene markers and as an autoplay with scene markers. The timeline looks clean. The entire project consists simply of 3 seconds of black followed by four AVI files in succession, followed by 5 seconds of black at the end. No transitions other than cuts. So, it’s an easy project to rebuild. I’ll try that and report back. But in the meantime, if you have other thoughts, I’d be glad to hear them!

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                      Thanks for your additional work in defining the nature of your issue. Great job.


                      I think that the result from the rebuilt project would be best to do before going in other troubleshooting paths.


                      Please remind me "What type of avi you are using in the Timeline?" And, is the black empty space or black video from New Item?


                      Looking forward to your results when your schedule permits.



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                        I did a rebuild of the project and was able to successfully
                        burn – first to a folder, and then to a disc. So . . . the good news is that I
                        was able to burn my project. The bad news is that the “unknown exception”
                        remains just that: an error of unknown origin with no known fix, other than
                        scrapping your work and starting over. An acceptable solution for modest
                        projects like mine; a nightmare for a true editing project involving hundreds
                        of elements.


                        But to answer your last questions – the files used in the
                        project were all AVI, 720x480, 29.97fps. Project setting was NTSC-DV-Standard.
                        Black on the timeline was black video from New Item.


                        I truly appreciate the time and attention you gave to this
                        matter. And while I guess we can call it resolved, if you have any hunches at
                        all as to what may have caused the problem, I’d be interested in hearing them,
                        just to help (me or anyone else following this forum) avoid going down this
                        path again.

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                          Thanks for the update with the good news that the new project was a success in all the burn to choices.


                          I started to write this reply on June 29 and realized today (July 1) that I did not post it on June 29 because I was still thinking about the whys for the original project that had problems that forced you to a new project.


                          Generalization.....each situation is unique. The trigger for the problems on your Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1 on Windows Vista 32 bit are numerous, and the problems need to be troubleshooted according to the profile of the issue and the most relevant steps related to that profile. For version 9.0/9.0.1, computer resources at any given time could have been an issue - 32 bit application on 32 bit system. There are known disc menu issues unique to 9. We focused on your news of presence of menus and Timeline markers affecting the outcome. We could have detoured and looked at flushing the preferences or at worse creating a new user account with administrative privileges and installing and trying to run Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1 on that trouble free.


                          Thanks for the follow ups. Appreciated.


                          Best wishes moving forward with your Premiere Elements projects.